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Writing is more about sharing and making connections

Posted by on May 21, 2014 in Journey of a Writer | 0 comments

Yesterday I spoke to a group of students (and a few teachers) at an international school in Beijing about how growing up being the odd one out and never feeling that I belonged was what inspired me to write my novel Excess Baggage. And although I set out to find answers for my struggles, I told them in the end I realized writing is not just about finding answers. Sometimes, the sharing of experiences and making a connection with readers out there are even a more important part of the job. My life struggles, I told the group, were about the...

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My first year as a published novelist

Posted by on Apr 30, 2014 in Journey of a Writer | 12 comments

From when my former creative writing teacher first alerted me that Excess Baggage was already up on Amazon last May, to my finishing a talk with a book group at a friend’s near 4th Ring Road just two days ago, I must say my first year as a published novelist has been quite a roll coaster ride. ┬áIt has been a huge learning curve, especially when it comes to sharing deep personal thoughts and experiences–this is the one thing that feels very different to me from when I published my last book,a non-fiction book called The Modern...

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